Wasp Z Swirl Adam Hammes 2020 Tour Series

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2020 adam hammes tour z swirl wasp

Adam Hammes Z Wasp – The Wasp is a great beaded compliment to the legendary Buzz. It is more overstable than the Buzz and can handle a ton of power. The Wasp is a dependable, overstable midrange. A consistent flight for shots in the 250-350 foot range, you’ll want one for windy days or hyzer finishes. The 2020 Tour Series discs from Discraft are a beautiful, stiff blend of plastic that is more or less swirly Z. It has a really good feel in the hand and these Adam Hammes Z Wasp’s are pretty flat for a Wasp. It is a disc that has a good amount of stiffness for those that prefer a less gummy disc.

The flight pattern is | 5| 5| 0| 3|.*

Pictures are of the actual disc.

Flight Chart

Flight Chart

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