Aviar Color Glow DX 2022 Pumpkin


Aviar Color Glow DX 2022 Pumpkin

The Aviar is a very popular straight flyer with a touch of fade at the end. This disc is one of the most popular putting discs that always seems to find the chains.

The Innova 2022 Pumpkin Aviar is a spooky putter that’s going to haunt chains for you. The Aviar is one of the most used putters in the world, from beginners to world champions and everyone in between. It’s popular because it flies straight and glides right into those chains.

There are plenty of spooky beings in this limited edition stamp. A ghost putting, black cats with hair raised, bats, a crow, an eyeball, a skull, and chains, wrapping around the vines, a coffin and a menacing pumpkin at the middle!

The flight path of the Aviar inside of the circle is straight with very little hyzer. When thrown slowly just aim it at the pole and sink more birdie putts. If you’re using the Aviar putter from further out, like 50 feet make sure to give it a little room to glide on hyzer. The Aviar is excellent for approach shots and slow turnovers as well, especially if you have been using it for a while and it has some nicks and dents in the plastic. The Aviar is going to be your go to putter for anytime you’re trying to make it into the basket.

DX plastic from Innova is a baseline blend. It’s perfect for putting putters because of the grip you can get from those little nicks and dings this plastic will get from the basket. The glow in the plastic is great because it gives off a faint glow and lets you really see the artwork.

Snag one of these before they’re all gone. Trick, or treat yourself.

The flight pattern is | 2| 3| 0| 2|.*

Pictures are of the actual disc.