Freetail Sublime


Freetail Sublime

Sublime Freetail – Mint Discs Freetail is a control driver that is understable and easy to use for all players. When thrown flat it will give you a great anhyzer flight and a ton of glide. For power players this will be a great roller disc, throw it hard and flat and watch it get to the ground and stand up for a beautiful roller angle. Also great for big high turnovers that get a ton of glide and hold the angle easily. Great for big turnovers, hyzerflips, and rollers. If you need a new flippy hybrid driver then Mint Discs has the perfect offering for you with the Sublime Freetail! Here is what Mint has to say about the mold: “Our 2nd driver is named after the Mexican Free-tailed Bat that is native to our home city of Austin, Texas. The Freetail is a driver that wants you to control it, not power it like the Alpha. Give it an easy flat spin for the best turnover your life, or if you have a bit more power make sure to put a little hyzer on it for a buttery flip up line.”

The flight pattern is |10| 5| -4| 1|.*

Pictures are of the actual disc.