Vulture ESP 23 Tour Series Holyn Handley Bottom Stamp



2023 Holyn Handley ESP Vulture – Workable and stable fairway drivers are the true workhorses in a lot of players bags and the Vulture is perfect for that slot. The Vulture likes to go straight for a long ways before hyzering reliably at the end of the flight. It is similar in feel and flight to the Predator but it is a touch less stable, a perfect compliment to each other. The ESP plastic feels amazing in the hand and looks extremely beautiful. Make sure you support Holyn Handley today and grab a 2023 ESP Tour Series disc today!

Discraft says this about the mold: “The 2023 Tour Series Vulture is a characterization of individuals who possess a sharp mind and skill for problem solving. Making a return to the TS lineup, this release represents one of our newest Elite Team members Holyn Handley, and her admiration for Nordic culture. Immediately filling a spot in her bag upon joining the Elite Team, Holyn trusts the Vulture’s stability and ability to make forward progress without fading out quickly.”


Vulture ESP 23 Tour Series Holyn Handley Bottom Stamp
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