Zone 6X Paul McBeth ESP


Zone 6X Paul McBeth ESP

Paul McBeth 6x ESP Zone – The Zone is one of the most popular discs in the game and it is used heavily by 6x World Champion Paul McBeth. The MCB6XST 6 Claw Zone is the perfect approach disc for forehands, hyzers, flex shots, and many more. With a comfortable feel in the hand this disc can be thrown with confidence. The McB6XST 6 Claw Swirly ESP Zone will be a disc that fans clamor over and is sure to be a hot disc. If you are looking for a new approach disc then grab a Paul McBeth 6x Swirly ESP Zone today!

Discraft says this about the mold: “Advanced players love the overstable, low-profiled Zone putter. Will hold the line without flipping on long approaches, and delivers predictable putts even in windy conditions…Here at Discraft, we are so proud of Paul McBeth and all his accomplishments this past year both on and off the course. In celebration of the 6x World Champion, we will be releasing a special run of discs. Paying homage to our original 4x claw, we chose to emphasize his McBeast nature and the incredible performance at the 2022 PDGA World Championship on his signature series discs.”